Choosing Your First Programming Language


When learning programming for the fist time, I believe it is important to decide what programming language you will study first.

There is quite a lot of programming languages out there, but not all are friendly for beginners.

So far, there are two programming languages that rise above the rest when it comes to friendliness to first-time programmers: C and Python.

The main difference between the two as options for learning programming could be likened to your options when learning to drive cars–would you like to try out an automatic or a manual?

Learning in Python is much like learning how to drive a car with an automatic transmission.

You don’t have to mind much of the what’s happening under the hood, and what’s happening is often abstracted to you.

For an example, you don’t have to worry about memory allocation. Whereas in C, you have more control: you’re driving a manual.

I learned programming for the first time in C.

This, I believe, made it easier for me to learn other languages and understand how the computer works.

For this reason, I find Python a little lacking when it comes to control.

But I also understand Python is easier to learn and use for beginners who just wants to start coding and doesn’t really plan to dive deep into computers.

This is why, I think, many tutorials and classes for beginners use and recommend Python.

If you have a particular problem you want to solve, you will have to consider other factors in choosing your programming language.

Remember, I’m not talking about which language is more powerful (though I would still pick C).

Rather, I’m just bringing up the difference of the two languages when it comes to friendliness for first-time programmers.


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