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Have you ever planted a tree? I have not had the opportunity, but that is something I want to do.

I want to have a backyard with trees I planted myself.

Notice how good, healthy trees grow? They usually go upward seeking the rays of the sun.

But what’s not so obvious is that underneath, the roots grow as well, crawling outwards seeking more nutrition from the soil.

Grow Like Trees

We should grow like this too. Not just in appearance, but also in depth.

There is more to us than the physical self and the outward public performance we portray.

Emotionally, mentally, spiritually, we need to always seek to grow.

And in our relationships, it is better to seek more depth rather than shallow popularity.

This is quite challenging when popular culture aims to measure us in the number of followers and likes.

Back to Basics

Every life form exhibits growth.

Indeed, the proof of life is growth.

Can you really say you are alive without growth?

In the movie Shawshank Redemption, Andy Dufresne said this line to his fellow inmate Red:

“Life comes down to a simple choice: You’re either busy living or busy dying.”

It’s a simple choice. But not easy.

Nevertheless, my hope is that you choose to live intentionally.

Choose life. Choose growth.


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