Infor M3


Infor’s most powerful ERP cloud software. I worked on two frontend projects, namely: M3H5 -Web UI using JQuery; and M3UX2 -rewrite project of M3H5 using Angular.

My Role: Software Engineer

  • contributed significant expertise in 3 projects under Infor M3,
    • M3 App Designer - worked on the project from POC leading to Infor’s flagship ERP no-code app builder
    • M3UX2 - developed a modernized rewrite of M3H5 using Angular
    • M3H5 - engaged in the development of features and bug-fixing using JQuery
  • deliver high-quality web front-end modules
  • coordinate software development with Infor offices outside the Philippines
  • train software developers within the company

Technologies: Angular, NgRx, Nx Workspace, Webpack, NodeJS, BEM, SCSS, HTML, Typescript, Git, Agile Development, Karma, Jasmine, ESLint, SonarScanner, Jasmine-Given, Jira, GitLab


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