Living Intentionally: Are You Acting or Reacting?

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Photo © Ayo Ayco. Some random alley in Dubai. I wonder when we can travel again? :)

Taking risks has always been a part of life, and, with them, the possibility of failures. But to me, I think, this is how we live intentionally.

When I was younger, of course, failures devastated me. But I’ve always thought that intentionally taking a significant step toward a future I want is preferrable to just taking what life throws at me.

I think the power of humans, aside from making plans, is their capability to pivot when a plan didn’t work.

One clarification though: I don’t say this to present myself as someone who has full control.

On the contrary, I don’t.

I feel like life is a turn-based strategy game, constantly emitting events and prompting us: “Your move.”

We’ll never know what life’s next move is going to be.

But we always have a set of options to consider to plan a future.

It’s iterations of asking: “Given this scenario, what can I do to bring me closer to my vision?”

This kind of perspective keep me on the edge of my seat, always thinking if my day actually contributes to my future.

With this in mind, some further questions for us to answer…

What sort of future do you want to have? Are you intentionally choosing activities that get you closer to it?


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