Weekly Review #7

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Photo © Ayo Ayco. Rearranged my workspace to minimize visual distractions (hopefully)

The week started productive but my stomach acted up on Thursday, and that disrupted my sleep (I was in the toilet 2AM to 3AM) 😅 This made it hard for me to think and work last Friday so I had to take a sick leave.

I could easily blame being sick for my generally feeling down, but I realized that also I worried a lot recently.

The situation in the Philippines causes a lot of uncertainty.

Nevertheless, I don’t think it is beyond hope. For me, this means planning for a more stable future someday (maybe more details about this in another blog)

But for now I will start focusing on my active projects, including helping out some devs who are working on VotePilipinas.com - which is the official voter registration information campaign of the Commission on Election here in the Philippines.

Hopefully having a more educated population will raise up better leaders soon.


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