Weekly Review #8

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Photo © Ayo Ayco. Snuck a quick night visit to the swimming pool, but it was being cleaned 😅

I’ve been aiming to read 2 books this month, but September is close to an end and I haven’t finished one.

This means I failed but I try not to feel too bad about it, because I did read a lot this month–just not the books I planned to finish. 🤣

In other news, my stomach is still not totally okay. I still get disrupted sleeps. But on the plus side, I do wake up earlier in the last days– that’s one goal successful (I aimed to wake up early this month)

I started setting this monthly goals when August ended. And I plan to do monthly reviews (just to try if it’s good) to see how well (or bad) I did.

Also, I’ve been tracking a lot of things on my productivity: my wake up times, my work start and work end, when I eat, our household expenses, etc

Maybe I can write more about these things I’m tracking and how I do it next time.


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