Christmas Time Starts Now

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Photo © Ayo Ayco. Apparently, October means it's Christmas now. 🤣

First time for me to do my weekly review on a Saturday last week. Decided to do this for two reasons: Make sure that Sunday is cleared so I can have a good rest, and clear the Monday of the huge chunk of time needed for a weekly review.

When I previously did the weekly review on Mondays, and many days go in between that and the weekend, a lot of things could cloud my mind and prevent me from having a restful weekend. But last week, when I went into Sunday fresh from a Saturday weekly review, I found that I experienced less anxiety.

I will still write these short blogs on Mondays though. This lifts the pressure of publishing a new blog in the same day.

Also, doing the weekly review on the Saturdays, gives me time to do work tasks on Mondays. This sets up the week with a sense of productivity. Also since Saturday is “my own time” I don’t feel any restrictions when I do the weekly review, and no quick questions or meetings to interrupt. :)

I really think my move to do the weekly review on a Saturday is a good idea.

We’ll see. 😅


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